AA Coppet Event 2024, June 8th and June 9th

Event Mission:

In line with our primary purpose stated in our Tradition 5; the event aims to be a valuable resource in carrying the message to the newcomer or any sober fellow who is in process of recovery; no matter how far they are from the first drink. In addition, we would like the event to include moments of joy and fun, in line with our motto “Attraction rather than Promotion”, showing that it is possible to be happy and to have fun without a drink! 


The event will start both days at 08:30 with Meditation & Prayer Session. It will end around at 22:00 on Saturday with Music and at 12:30 on Sunday with a closing ritual. As every year, each fellow can join and leave the event as their agenda permits. Detailed agenda will be shared closer to the event.

Here is a short content summary: 


Short guided meditations will be carried out by a fellow. Beautiful collection of prayers will be given to members and will be read in Unity.   


We have already booked brilliant speakers; both local & international, AA & Alanon. 

All our speakers have solid recovery, have worked the 12 steps as outlined in the big book, have experience in local and/or International Service and are living “AA Way of life!”. In addition, fellows from different parts of Switzerland will be present, including Intergroup Chair of Zurich. 


-This year, food service will be 100% Potluck! There will be no active kitchen and cooking services provided. Every body can participate in food service! We trust that with your active participation, we will have a variety of delicious food & drinks brought by each fellow! For this reason, it is important that every participant providing potluck mention by e-mail (during registration), the type and quantity of food & drinks they would like to bring. 

-To make our meal times and breaks more pleasurable, various fun and delightful games are organised by our fellows! 


A large team of Sober Stars – Musician fellows with amazing talent, will show us the living example of how Sobriety brings alive CREATIVITY and JOY.  Both during the concert and after with our fellow D.J. we will be able to dance and sing in a safe environment. 

All the above is 100% free of charge! On the other hand, we depend on your 7th tradition participations to the Coppet basket (before and during the event) for our recovery event to be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions!